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2 min readMar 15, 2021

In 2020, we published the following surveys:

1. Charitable Activity in Ukraine: Internal View

This survey is the second phase of the charitable sector research in Ukraine conducted after Charitable Giving as Viewed by Ukrainians research. The survey shares the perceptions of the employees of the charitable sector on the further development of charitable giving in Ukraine.

2. Charity in Times of Coronavirus

The survey Charity in Times of Coronavirus discusses relevant questions around charitable giving in the context of coronavirus pandemic.

3. Trust in Charitable Organizations in Ukraine

Do Ukrainians trust in the “third sector” and what is an image of charitable giving in modern society? The survey Trust in Charitable Organizations in Ukraine provides the responses.

4. What Encourages Ukrainians to Join Charitable Practices?

A research paper proving interesting facts: 60% of Ukrainians have become philanthropists over the past year, and 87% have been involved in charity activities one way or another throughout their lives. Analysis of the factors influencing Ukrainians to engage in charitable activities is available here.

5. Charity before the Elections

Zagoriy Foundation presented a survey on the impact of election campaigns on the charitable sector. In particular, the document provides tips on how to distinguish permanent charitable foundations from newly-created ones in the pre-election period and on the activities of policy-involved organizations.



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